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About us at BPME


BPME began operating in 2015 with General Medical English courses for doctors, nurses and therapists, in public and private practice, and with clients within Germany but also greater continental Europe, India, Australia, and South America.

As from its beginning, teaching, materials and learning objectives are based on hands-on experience in medical practice, international language benchmarks such as the CEFL and ALTE scale, issues of adult foreign language acquisition, and study of curriculum development.
Classroom research also plays a major role, with ongoing gathering of empirical and statistical data on:
 - Thoroughness and relevance of materials to real-life practice
 - Appropriate identification of overall communication goals and specific lesson objectives
 - Learner response to material format, ease of use, and individual exercises
 - Teacher knowledge and practice in the classroom
 - Impact of teacher knowledge of subject matter
 - Effective practices for learning the different elements of the language
 - Need for adaptation of different learner levels and abilities
 - Efficacy of EMI and CLIL for different learners
 - Learner self-assessment of language skill and skill development
 - Objective assessment of communication skill and skill development
 - Practices and adaptations for the virtual classroom
 - Issues in developing effective virtual classroom testing

Programme Leaders

Alecia Banfield MBBS, MPH, TEFL/TESOL
BPME Founder and Creator
• Medical English tutor

Alecia Banfield earned her Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery from the University of the West Indies, Mona. She practiced as a medical doctor in emergency medicine, pediatrics and general practice before focusing on community and preventive medicine. A recipient of the Panamerican Health Organization (PAHO) Fellowship, she earned her Master of Public Health at the University of Liverpool, UK, and was an Assistant Medical Officer of Health in her home country, Barbados. Her dissertation, "Occupational Health Issues at British Aerospace, Broughton, Wales", increased her interest in prevention and education in healthcare. She is a certified TEFL/TESOL teacher and speaks German as a second language and Spanish as a foreign language.

As the developer of learning materials, she brings both hands-on experience in clinical and non-clinical practice— in hospital, private practice, educational forums, medico-legal and community medicine—and knowledge of how to teach the important authentic language needed in real-life healthcare.

Dr. John Goodyear, BSc, MA, PhD
• Teaching Fellow, University of Birmingham
• Programme and Academic Adviser, BPME
Dr. Goodyear is language teacher, teacher trainer, and language and history researcher.
He graduated from Queen Mary, University of London with a Ph.D. in German Acoustic Environments, and is a top translator and teacher of German and English. As a Fellow at the University of Birmingham, he specialises in German.
Dr. Goodyear has additional special interests in English for Specific Purposes, particularly for healthcare, and is a recognized and knowledgeable voice on the Occupational English Test.
As editor and adviser for BPME, he brings a combined 20 years of classroom experience and implementing teaching frameworks and quality systems for language curricula. This informs BPME's standard of materials, teacher practice and students' learning experience.

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