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Classroom Courses for Banfield's Professional Medical English (BPME)

Classroom courses
Available courses:
  • 35-hour or 72-hour courses
  • Ongoing (subject to location)
  • Classroom or online delivery

Modular course structure allows tailoring to the specific needs of you and/or your organization.

For doctors, nurses, therapists and administrative professionals.
Foundation and Professional topics include:

  • Patient welcome and registration
  • Taking a medical history and social history
  • Physical examination and interaction
  • Exlaining investigations and results
  • Addressing patient concerns
  • In-patient care and follow-up enquiries
  • Writing and understanding patient notes
  • Case presentations
  • Talking to relatives
  • Patient transfers
  • Discharge instructions and appointments
  • Communicating with colleagues - formal and informal referrals, small talk
  • Medical and healthcare articles and studies
  • Presentations at seminars and conferences
  • Cultural issues
  • Medico-legal issues
Specialist topics include:

  • Dealing with the psychiatric patient, death and bereavement, parents and the sick child, social services, and more
  • Interdisciplinary patient management
  • Best practice and protocols
  • Medical administration
  • Medico-legal issues

The classroom experience
         Banfield's Professional Medical English           
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