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Course prerequestites

OET prerequisites

Do you already have a date for your OET sitting?                 


You should schedule your preparation at least three weeks before your test. This allows time to review any weak areas in your language or Mock Test performance.
If needed, you may defer your test date here:

Confident you are ready? Do a Mock Test and be sure of your chances!

FIRST do your Preparation / Mock Test and review the detailed feedback and recommendations.

THEN schedule your test when you are confident and ready!

What is a ‘pass’ in OET?
Each professional licencing board or authority decides what grades they will accept as evidence of competence in English. Your best chances of exam success, however, are with an A or B (or sometimes a C+) in each of the four skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking. To achieve this, you should have an English level of better than a CEFL B2 or IELTS 7.0 in all skills before doing the OET.

How does this course prepare you?
Step 1. We discuss your needs with you (no fee).
Step 2. You do a Placement Test to assess your entry level of English: beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate or advanced..
Step 3. We recommend either OET Preparation Course modules or a longer Medical English course to improve general language.
Step 4. You register for the course, receive your schedule and materials; then complete the course.
Step 5. At the end, you do an Mock Test under simulated exam conditions. (For Skype testing, we send all the instructions you will need.)
Step 6. We give feedback on your Mock Test.

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