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Outlines, fees and registration

Outline & fees
Course hours
Fees based on total course hours
(1 hour = 60 minutes)

20 to 100
A2 to B1

Doctors, nurses, medical students, therapists, administrative staff with a Beginner level English.
35 - 40 € / hour

20 to 100
B1 to B2

Nurses, doctors, medical students, physiotherapists needing more technical and more accurate language.
Suitable also for pre-OET Preparation
40 - 45 €/hour

20 to 60
B2 and above
Doctors, nurses, counsellors and administrative staff in very specialized areas
45 - 50 €/hour

IELTS 7.0 or CEFL B2 and above.

For candidates doing for the OET

You may do separate modules or the entire programme.

Placement Test
70 € *
* 35 reimbursed if you register for more than two modules (the Mock Test also counts as a module)
Listening module
Reading module
Writing module
Speaking module
Mock Test with detailed feedback
Discount offered for full course -
Placement + 4 modules + Mock Test

  • general Medical English
  • OET Preparation
  • OET Mock or Placement test

5 quick steps:
1. Print this form         
(If not loading after a couple minutes, just email for a form!)  

2. Complete and email to

3. We discuss your specific needs, provide payment information, and answer any other questions you have.

4. You pay in advance in 5-hour-increments; we plan a schedule that suits you and send you course materials.

5. You do your course!



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